Smaller weddings have a lot of benefits and advantages. The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing gathering restrictions have pushed some couples to reschedule their wedding day or celebrate in smaller groups, surrounded only by family members and close friends. In some ways, the pandemic has allowed couples to celebrate their wedding how they want without having to be overly concerned with other people’s opinions. 

What are, in my opinion, the most important benefits of having a smaller wedding? 

You get to celebrate with the people who matter the most to you.

Your guest list will include family members and friends who are a part of your life to share in your happiness on this big day. You won’t have to feel stressed out about seeing people you haven’t talked to for a long period of time or need to make awkward conversation on your wedding day. Also, you will feel like you can splurge on a «home» party because you will be surrounded by people who mean a lot to you and can simply be yourself around them. 

You can spend more time with your guests.

You will be able to have meaningful conversations with your guests and create a more intimate atmosphere. This means you get to enjoy every moment and not feel stressed out about coordinating your wedding. 

The benefits of having a smaller wedding

You will feel more relaxed and present. 

There will definitely be less pressure! Wedding days go by like a blur, and believe me, you won’t want to feel like you weren’t present for yours because you were worrying too much about what was going to happen next.  

You can work with a shorter timeline. 

Having a shorter guest list also means that you can plan your wedding in a few months, not years.  You will be able to eliminate stress because a shorter guest list gives you more options and venue choices. It might sound a bit too optimistic, but you can actually make planning your wedding a fun experience for you and your partner.

You can splurge. 

A lot of couples decide to have a smaller wedding not only because they want to save money, but because they want to spend their hard-earned money on important things like great food, a live band, or booking a beautiful venue in nature. 

You can make your guests feel like they are at home.

Smaller weddings make guests feel more comfortable and unique. They made the wedding guest list, which means that they must be really important to you. They will also see you and your fiancé more relaxed, which will remove a lot of visible tension and stress over the wedding day. Creating a relaxed atmosphere will make everyone feel more at home.

Intimate celebrations allow you to take better photos. 

Since the day is less rushed, you can be more present and relaxed, which will be visible in your wedding photos. When you look at your pictures, I want you to remember those moments and feel the way you did when I captured them. It’s not how perfectly you pose that I capture through my lenses. The relationship and emotions shine through when you are truly present and in the moment with your partner. The last thing I want you to feel is stressed out and overwhelmed on one of the most important days of your life.

The benefits of having a smaller wedding

They’re easier to plan.

Having an intimate celebration means that planning your wedding can be fun rather than a hassle. You can personalize your wedding day and truly feel like it reflects your personality. With fewer guests to think about, it’s possible to create customized touches, all within your wedding budget!   

Personally, I’m a huge fan of smaller weddings because they are much more relaxed. They are not as rushed as bigger celebrations. Over the years, I’ve noticed that couples who decide to have a more intimate celebration are more present on their wedding day. They have time to talk to their guests and simply have fun. 

You can choose an unusual venue. 

A smaller wedding also means a larger selection of venues to choose from. Do you want to get married in a forest, by a lake, or celebrate in your grandparents’ backyard? All of these choices become possible with a shorter guest list. You can get more creative with choosing which place will be the backdrop for your celebration. 

In the end, it’s all about marrying the person you love. Your wedding day is a celebration of your mutual, lasting love, so why not celebrate it your way? You don’t need to follow any rules. You can make your own rules and twist some traditions in order to fit your personality. Don’t forget why you are there and remember to enjoy it!