To this list, I would add one more thing: an emotional connection. In my opinion, it’s essential to have an emotional connection with your wedding photographer. Your photographer will be the only vendor who will spend most of the time with you at your wedding. If you like your photographer, you will be much more relaxed about the actual photoshoot. I don’t treat each wedding the same way. To me, it’s crucial to get to know my couples and understand how they envision their wedding day


I’m there for my couples.

When you decide to book me as your wedding photographer, I’m there for you throughout the planning process. Every couple who chooses me as their wedding photographer will receive a wedding and engagement session guidebook with tons of valuable tips, which will hopefully make their wedding planning much more straightforward. I want to make sure that we are on the same page. My goal is to make sure that my couples feel prepared, at ease and ultimately get the most out of their wedding photos!

I like to be in touch.

I’d love to get to know each other better! This is why I like social media. Through platforms like Instagram, we’ll be able to stay updated on each other’s lives and get to know each other even better along the way. I connect with my couples on Instagram and get a glimpse into their everyday moments. This way, there is no awkward silence between booking me as your wedding photographer and your engagement session.

Why is it important to me to have an emotional connection with my couples?

I like to learn more about you.

If you book your engagement session with me, I will send you an engagement session questionnaire. Your answers will help me prepare myself for your engagement session and create prompts and questions tailored to you both! I don’t fit you into a mold

I’m happy to share my list of amazing vendors.

Over six years of my photography experience, I worked with some fantastic people in the wedding industry who put their heart and soul into their work. I love to work with people who value connections and other people’s needs. That’s why I created my vendor list that includes some outstanding, talented people who will make your wedding planning and the wedding day so much easier.

Let’s chat before your wedding day.

At least a month before your wedding day, I would like to chat more about your plans. By then you will know most of your wedding details. I want to learn more about the wedding timeline and your vision for your day, how you want your guests to remember this day, and what parts of the day are significant to you. I will also ask you for names of your closest family members: your parents, siblings, and wedding party; and I will do my best to learn their names to make sure that I also create a connection with your loved ones.

I want you to feel like I am a part of your wedding.

Helping you with the wedding planning process, getting to know each other better, and understanding you as a couple helps me create even better images. I know that photography is my work, but it is also my passion. I’m very proud that I can create so many unforgettable memories for couples who trust me by choosing me as their wedding photographer. 

Be prepared that on your wedding day, I will chat with your family members, and when the dance floor opens up, I will be dancing with your wedding guests and photographing them at the same time.

Why is it important to me to have an emotional connection with my couples?

I’m not gone after your wedding day.

When your wedding day is over, and you have received your beautiful wedding images, I’m not gone. If you want me to capture any other milestones of your life, I’m just a message away.

I have already mentioned this, but I believe that good wedding photography starts before I pick up my camera. That’s why it is so important to me to get to know my couples and help them out in the planning process, to create the best images possible. Every wedding teaches me something different about photography, people, and myself. That’s why an emotional connection is key to me.